What are the usage limits for Solvemigo?

Asad Dhamani

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Solvemigo has the following monthly usage limits

ChatGPT1 Million Tokens Per Month1 Million Tokens is equal to 750K words. Each time you send a message to the bot, we also send the last 10 messages to help the bot maintain context of your conversation until that point, which also consumes tokens. Based on our calculations, 1 million tokens will easily cover 1,300 messages exchanged with the bot, which is equivalent to you messaging the bot 43 times per day, which should cover the needs for most people. This will vary with the length of messages sent and received, with larger messages sent and larger responses received both leading to more tokens used.
Whisper2 hours of audio transcribed per month2 hours of audio is enough to cover 4 minutes of usage per day. The primary use case of allowing for faster input should be covered by this use case, and we have seen people use under 1 hour per month for this use case. For dedicated transcription, this will not suffice and we recommend using another service for that use case.
Dall-E25 images 1024x1024 generated per monthWe allow 25 images to be generated per month with our bot. This should be sufficient for most people. We have seen people use image generation in bursts, where you might generate 5-10 images in a single session, and our 25 image quota should allow for 3 to 5 such sessions per month.

You can monitor your usage quota both on the web app and on the bot. 

If you run out of the quota and would like to request a higher quota, we will be happy to accommodate you, just reach out to us via the support widget on our site.

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